Schedule Panel Tips

JuBeCuBe is what we consider the first platform to provide an online Streaming service that best provides streaming tools that brings freedom to the creative and innovative minds in our world today.

Selectng Schedule


Broadcaster can create, select, view and delete schedule by selecting a Schedule date from the Calendar.


Click to creat schedule


Once the date is Selected the broadcaster is required to click on create schedule button and a Schedule is created. Once the schedule is created the Broadcaster can proceed to add videos and collections to schedule.


Media Searcher


Searching for videos to add to schedule is made easy. Just type the name of the video and add to your schedule.


Adding Videos to Schedule


To add videos to Schedule is easy and nice. All you need to do is to click on AddTo for available schedules created by the Broadcaster. A click on the Date adds videos to the last on the list of videos in a schedule. Once a video is added to schedule the broadcaster can not delete the video in the schedule or change the position of the video in schedule.


Addind Collection List To Schedule

Click to Add Collection to Schedule


Schedules play a very important role on JuBeCuBe for broadcasters and viewers in general. We therefore have made available the collection panel that will enable the the broadcaster schedule their videos on JuBeCuBe effectively. With the JuBeCuBe Collection Panel broadcaster has the tools in place to create and manage schedules and later add these collections to the schedule. The added collection is arranged in to the schedule exactly how they were arranged in the collection which means the broadcaster can arrange the videos in collections and add to schedule.

Deleting Schedule

Selectng Schedule

Click to delet schedule


To delete schedule, Select schedule via date and click the delete schedule to delete entire schedule and its content from the system. However, deletion can to be restored.


Check Schedule

Selectng Schedule

Click to check Schedule

Broadcasters can check schedules they create to be sure they look just as desired. Its just a click away.