Media Manager Tips

JuBeCuBe Manager is the main medium for broadcasters to import their already existing videos on Video distribution and sharing platforms to JuBeCuBe. With JuBeCuBe we give you tools to effectively mage your videos online


Online Video Search


Our JuBeCuBe online video search gives our Broadcaster the tool to use to fetch for their videos online. All we need is the name or title of the video and it is done. Searching from the best video sharing sites that makes their API’s available for integration. To use JuBeCuBe you must have existing video on these video sharing sites that belongs to you. JuBeCuBe will not be held responsible issues with regards to the content a broadcaster decides to upload to their channel. Though JuBeCuBe have measures in place to check these issues we do not strictly restrict broadcasters content on JuBeCuBe.


Search from multiple Platforms


The Search result displays the title, codes and duration of videos from their respective sources.

Copy and upload video into channel

Copy and paste short code into media up-loader and submit to store as channel conent for collections and schedules.


media upload

JuBeCuBe Media upload media to JuBeCuBe Channel is made simple with just a click.


Catogorise your Uploads


Categorize your uploads into your own categories to help you manage your videos effectively.


Live feed Submit


JuBeCuBe Pro Users who wants to stream live can upload their livestreams can upload their livestreams and switch between schedule and livestreams


Click to upload livefeed


With a click you upload your livestream videos from most livestreaming plstform