Control Panel Tips

JuBeCuBe provides broadcasters the right tools to stream their dreams. We believe in the talents of the broadcaster and for this reason Our Control Panel provides a state of the Arts tools to help the broadcaster broadcast effectively.


Channel feed Monitor



JuBeCuBe Channel feed monitor enable broadcasters monitor their live and schedule feed. The JuBeCaSter (Broadcaster) is able to broadcast  and  also monitor what viewers are watching.


Channel Feed Switcher



JuBeCuBe Stream Switcher enable the Broadcaster Switch between live feed, Schedule feed and when they decide to go offAir.  JuBeCuBe Updates the screens of viewers in real time to enable them be up-to-date on their screens.


Schedule feed monitor



JuBeCuBe Provides JuBeCasters the ability to know what is playing in Schedule and what will be playing Next. This we believe will help broadcasters Que their live feed and Schedule feeds effectively.


JuBeText Tickerr



The Text Ticker and overlays serves as tool for broadcasters to share information with their viewers. Our text editor aids them in doing that while the readable text ticker helps viewers read text as it scrolls.