Collection Panel Tips

JuBeCuBe is the right tool for organized online streaming because of its inbuilt Collection-panel system. Broadcasters can explore the wonderful streaming features of JuBeCuBe when they get to organize their thoughts together with just a click


Create new collection


Creating a collection on JuBeCuBe is just cool. All you need to do is to enter the name of the collection, the type and a description that best fits the list of videos you add to your collection list and save.


Select collection to edit


Once Collection is created, the broadcaster can now select collection from a list of collections to view its content, edit collection detail and delete the entire collection with its content.


select and view collection


Selection, viewing and editing of collections in Collection List is made so easy and flexible. The content of the selected collection is made able to broadcasters to rearrange them in a away that best satisfies their creative edge.


Edit collection


Changing the name of the collection and its description is made easy with just a click away.


Media Searcher


Adding videos to collection is easily done with a search feature of the collection panel which aids in the sorting of videos of the channel. Broadcasters can then add videos to their respective collections as they so desire.


Adding to collection


Clicking AddTo, displays to the user the list of collections they have created and with a click on the collection name, they are able to add the video to a collection.


Altering collection list


Videos added to JuBeCuBe collections can be viewed in a list and also altered. Videos can be edited to change the tittle, description and rating of the video. Videos can also be rearranged in their collection list moving them up and down in he list.

Rearranging Videos in collection


Videos in a collection can be moved up or down depending on where the broadcaster would want to position the videos in the collection. Videos on the First roll of the collection can not go further up whiles videos at the bottom of the collection cannot further down.