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I get am business

Have you had a class exercise in which you were asked to “Compare and contrast?” Well, I loved such exercises; I don’t know about you. Today, that is what I found myself doing and it was between shopping then and shopping now.

Back in the day, I sold by the roadside in Opera Square area, Accra. Myself and several others who traded did not have the capital to sell in bulk so we displayed empty cartons or spoilt items. When we got an interested buyer, we offered him/her a sit, went to a wholesale shop, bought the item at wholesale price and delivered it to the customer at an agreed price.

Though some bad guys destroyed the market by selling to customers the spoilt items on display and others sold cartons filled with rubbish, some of us ensured we did our best to serve our customers right. We had most customers come back to buy from us again and again. Some customers knew we took items from wholesale shops and sold it to them, but kept coming to us because they were assured we would sell items of good quality to them due to some level of diligence they saw in us.

We called the business “I get am” meaning “I have whatever you need”. ” I get am” was a statement the Nigerian traders made in trading which we adopted. There are many Nigerians who started small in Ghana through “I get am” and today own very big shops in most parts of the country.

Now, with the use of technology, trading can be done with much ease.

My experience on the street has inspired me to create platforms that can support entrepreneurs, start-ups, small and medium scale businesses in Ghana, Africa and the World at large. I have come up with an online shopping platform, JubeShop, which helps subcribers create an online shop and sell products and services to their customers anywhere in the world. The system is robust, open and is mobile friendly. You can create and manage your shop with a smart phone or tablet. The System provides you with a dashboard, where you manage product uploads, incoming orders, product stock and inventories. You get to manage orders from your customers and deliver them through delivery platforms like JubeQuick. Create a shop on JubeShop and use it to deliver your dream business. It can be anything you could sell to customers. No business is too small. Start now and thank me later.

For tips on how to manage your shop successfully, click here 

Start small and God will bless your hustle. Just Be Yourself, Just JUBEiT